Firearms and Firearms Violence

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An Act

relative to Crime Gun Data Reporting and Analysis

SD 1726

This bill expands the information required to be collected on crime guns under the 2014 law by requiring the collection of data on transactions involving crime guns that were part of a multiple purchase of firearms, and an analysis of whether the license number used for purchase or transfer of a firearm used in a crime was associated with a purchase or transfer of any other firearms within a 12 month period.  Additionally, it would require EOPPS to issue a biennial report analyzing crime gun data.

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An Act

relative to Firearms and Firearms Violence

SD 1723

This bill makes several changes to our gun laws.  Specifically, it requires all gun sales conducted between individuals to be transacted through a licensed gun dealer who may charge not more than $25 per transaction. Increase the sales tax on firearms and ammunition by 4.72% bringing it to 11% in order to fund violence prevention programs.  Establishes a ban on the sale and possession of 50 caliber rifles and ammunition and prohibits persons less than 16 years of age from utilizing high capacity firearms at gun clubs.  Finally, it makes possession of firearms without renewing the appropriate license within 90 days of expiration, a criminal offense with a fine for a penalty providing police the ability to enforce the law and confiscate weapons from people who are no longer qualified or eligible for possession and adds the Attorney general or designee to the Gun Control Advisory Board.

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An Act

relative to Preventing Illegal Trafficking of Firearms

SD 1822

The bill adds new restrictions and reporting requirements, including a limit of one gun purchase a month.