Voting and Election Reforms


An Act

Improving Knowledge About Voting Rights

01/19 - 01/23

Requires the Secretary of State to create a pamphlet that provides relevant information to formerly incarcerated persons about their voting rights and how elections are conducted in Massachusetts. Requires the DOC to distribute these pamphlets as people come out of custody.


An Act

relative to Candidate Reporting Requirements

SD 1841

This will require state legislative candidates to file one additional report covering the period Jan.1 – June 30 of an election year, to be filed in mid-July, while keeping the requirement for a report filed eight days before a primary, eight days before the general election and an end of year report. The bill would also change the reporting date from eight to fifteen days prior to a special election. This would give the public more information on campaign donors and further transparency and accountability.  

election day registration.png

An Act

Relative to Election Day Registration

SD 1695

This bill would allow otherwise eligible individuals to register to vote on the day of an election or primary, or during early voting, provided that the individual complies with required identification and residency requirements

ballot box.png

An Act

relative to Early Voting Privacy and Expansion

SD 1740

Under this bill, early voting sites would have active vote recording machines so a voter may place their completed ballot directly into the machine, eliminating the current multi-envelope system. The envelope procedure is reasonably used for absentee ballots which are not completed on-site.  But when a voter appears in person, legitimate privacy concerns can be addressed by making sure the ballot is processed at that time by the voter. This bill also expands early voting opportunities to include state and presidential primaries.