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Toxic flame retardants are a danger to first responders, children and animals.  S1230 would remove these harmful chemicals from our homes and make our environment safer

 Emerging Adults Task Force

Senator Creem has been appointed as a co-chair of the Task Force on Emerging Adults in the Criminal Justice System to examine and study the treatment of emerging adults in the court and corrections systems and the impacts of the treatment on those emerging adults... Read more...

Automatic Facial Recognition

The government is currently using facial recognition technology without legislative approval, or judicial oversight.  Without regulations, this technology poses a risk to the privacy of all Massachusetts citizens. For this reason, I filed S.1385 to place a moratorium on the government’s use of facial recognition technology. This bill will require the government to stop using facial recognition technology, until reasonable regulations are developed to protect the privacy of Massachusetts’ citizens.


We need to ‘press pause’ on the government’s use of facial recognition technology, in order to protect civil rights and civil liberties in Massachusetts. For more information about this issue and S.1385, please click here.

gun violence press conference - edited f
Gun Safety

Gun reform has been one of my top priorities.  The increase in mass shootings throughout the nation is an alarming trend and we need to do more to address gun safety.  I was the lead Senate advocate on legislation to ban bump stocks and to establish extreme risk protective orders (ERPOs), which will allow for the removal of firearms from potentially dangerous individuals. 

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