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Massachusetts Legislature Passes $388.6 Million Supplemental Budget

Mar 28, 2023   State House

Massachusetts Legislature Passes $388.6 Million Supplemental Budget Bill funds essential services relied on by vulnerable populations, extends COVID-era measures, authorizes public works bonding to support cities and towns...

Green Energy Consumers Alliance Webinar

Mar 22, 2023   State House

Senator Cindy Creem sits down with the organization Green Energy Consumers Alliance to discuss state and federal incentives for home electrification and electric vehicles. 

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2021-2022 Session Report

Oct 6, 2022   State House

This 51-page document contains a host of information, including information about bills passed, budget appropriations, ARPA spending, and bonding. This is a comprehensive overview of what the Senate accomplished this session.

Senate Majority Leader Cindy Creem on Roe v. Wade, Gun Control and School Safety

July 6, 2022   NewTV

Senate Majority Leader Cindy Creem joins Newton attorney, BJ Krintzman on NewTV's, "That's the Law" to discuss Roe v Wade, gun control, and school safety. Click here to watch.

Branching Out. Building Together. Breaking Ground.

December 5, 2021  Jewish Boston

By Hebrew College

On the last night of Hanukkah, Hebrew College officially kindled a unique partnership of Boston-based organizations, both local and national, to break ground on a new home in Auburndale, Newton, and form a dynamic interdisciplinary center of Jewish learning, leadership, community and creativity...

State hate crime law needs a 2022 redo

December 7, 2021  Boston Globe

By Editorial Board

The cancer that is hate is on the rise — the list of incidents grows ever longer, the victims more diverse, even technology has become an enabler. When a hate crime captures the public’s attention, the cry among those justifiably appalled is always: “Do something.” But the moment fades, an assault becomes just another assault — the racial epithet or ethnic slur, the permanent wound to the psyche too often forgotten by all but the victim...

In our throwaway, single-use culture Massachusetts needs an updated bottle bill (Guest viewpoint)

December 1, 2021   MassLive

By Sarah Becker and Katharine Lange

We need to stop kicking the can down the road. Since its passage nearly 40 years ago, the Bottle Bill has been Massachusetts’ most successful recycling program. But time is catching up to the law, and it needs updating to deliver the best results...

Mass. Senate leader hopes to revive facial-recognition debate

November 24, 2021   Boston Business Journal

By Chris Lisinski

Limits on law enforcement use of facial-recognition software enacted last year "did not go far enough" to rein in the technology, a top Senate Democrat told her colleagues this week. Senate Majority Leader Cynthia Creem urged the Judiciary Committee to advance legislation (S 47) that would impose a near-total ban on public agency use of facial recognition, arguing that the burgeoning tool empowers government surveillance and creates disproportionate impacts on people of color...

A better future for heating your home

November 23, 2021   Boston Globe

By Cynthia Stone Creem and Lori A. Ehrlich

A bill in the Legislature empowers utilities to offer clean, renewable thermal energy in order to enlist those companies in the effort toward networked ground source heat pumps, technology already being used cost-effectively in many of our communities.

Restaurants for Brookline: Through Chamber program, restaurants make meals for food-needy

November 3, 2021   Brookline TAB

By Deborah Good Miller

Since the start of the pandemic, the Brookline Food Pantry has seen a 400% increase in the number of weekly clients seeking food. The Pantry went from serving 150 households per week to over 700 per week. At the same time, our favorite restaurants had to change their operations, temporarily shut their doors, lay off staff and more just to stay afloat.

Safety bills mix with calls for natural gas transition

November 2, 2021   WWLP

By Colin A. Young

Natural gas holds an important and debated place in the state’s energy mix, and lawmakers on a key committee heard testimony Tuesday from an array of advocates calling on the Legislature to “triage and transition” — that is, to manage a transition away from gas but also to maintain the safety and reliability of existing natural gas infrastructure during that transition.

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