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Budget FY23- Amendment 388, Provider Access
Floor Speech

Thank you.  


I enthusiastically rise in support of Amendment #388.


In addition to trying to keep out-of-state laws from interfering with legally protected health care activity in Massachusetts and protecting, to the extent possible, those who provide and receive reproductive and gender-affirming health care services in our state, this amendment will create a statewide standing order for insurance to cover the cost of emergency contraception at pharmacies. 
This amendment intends to fulfill the legislative intent of the 2017 ACCESS act, which already requires insurance to cover emergency contraception without a copay, if it is prescribed through a conventional prescription, or a standing order. 
This amendment will simply facilitate this process by making the standing order statewide.  
In light of national trends, Massachusetts needs to lead on reproductive health access and ensure that women in our state are given the options they deserve when making reproductive decisions.  


Access to reproductive health care services and gender-affirming health care services is a civil right secured by the laws and the constitution of the commonwealth. Ensuring meaningful access to this fundamental health care is core to our state’s public policy.  
We need to do what we can to remove barriers to such access and make sure women in the Commonwealth maintain agency over their reproductive decisions and have the choices they deserve. 
Thank you. I hope this amendment is adopted.  

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